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20 things that can ruin your smile

At Allen Orthodontics, we know your smile is important. And we know you want to keep it sparkling and looking its very best. Recently, we came across an article that suggests at least 20 things can ruin that perfect smile you have. These include: – Sports drinks – Bottled water – Tobacco – Wine –… Read more »

Friday Fun Facts!

Everyone loves fun facts. Fun, fun, fun! The American Association of Orthodontists, or AAO, has come up with some fun facts about orthodontics that our team at Allen Orthodontics thought you might enjoy. • There are nearly 4 million people in orthodontic treatment throughout the United States. Three out of four are younger than 18…. Read more »

Rapper AJ Presents: The Allen Orthodontics Rap

Now here’s a story you won’t want to miss! Rapper AJ knows what she LOVES about Allen Orthodontics, and she’s proud to share it with all of our patients. Remember: Rapper AJ needs your support! Don’t forget to “like” her video on Facebook to share your feedback.

The Top Five Reasons Why Hannah M. Loves Allen Orthodontics

Why do you LOVE Allen Orthodontics? Hannah choose Dr. Michael Allen and our team because of 5 main reasons. Hear them for yourself in this short patient testimonial! Of course, don’t forget to “like” Hannah’s video on Facebook if you agree!

Why do you LOVE Allen Orthodontics?

From the moment Andrew walks into the door of Allen Orthodontics, he always feels right at home. He appreciates Dr. Michael Allen’s patience, and the welcoming environment of our orthodontic office. See for yourself in this short patient testimonial! Do you agree? Please visit our Facebook page and share your feedback with our team!